The Grand-ma

Nicolas' grandma - Claudette - taught him to bake great pastries and crispy golden bread. He still uses her own technique today and shared it with the team!

The frustration

We worked for so long behind screens, and our mind was truly at peace only when we were meeting with people, playing, fixing things, or... baking! None of us were raised to work with our hands, but we do enjoy it!

In today's world, it became simpler to trade a nice career for a nice lifestyle. We do enjoy meeting new people, working the dough: making other people experience these feeling at their home was a priority for us, we did not want an experience that only a baker in his boulangerie could provide.

You are actors, not watchers.

The encounter(s)

Two encounters were important in this decision: Rodrigue, a Parisian baker. We worked a full day with him and he reminded Nicolas that it's possible to bake bread at home. He had stopped doing it since his Grand Ma passed away when he was seven years old.

The other encounter is Nicolas with the Deseine family, Olivier & Constance. Olivier is one of France first organic miller, he started in 1972! He was kind enough to bring us his products and get interested in the project. And Constance his daughter, very involved in the tech industry, has shown an interest in the project that kept us going forward. Merci to them, and congratulations for your top quality products!